Alaric Cabiling
Image of Redefining Darkness | Multimedia Edition | ePUB File Format

Redefining Darkness | Multimedia Edition | ePUB File Format

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From the author of the critically-acclaimed collection of short stories, Insanity By Increments comes a new collection of scintillating new literary short fiction entitled, Redefining Darkness. Author Alaric Cabiling will forever change your perception of dark fiction, adding a heavy dose of literary aesthetics that will leave a lasting impression on all. This is dark fiction redefined. This is Redefining Darkness.

A scandal besets a parish community. A forensic pathologist desperately aims to dissect a troubled past. An incorrigible womanizer confronts his own staggering self-image. A successful businessman thwarts the plans of a scheming half-brother. Nevermore has the chess match short story been as adequately represented than in these stories and more.

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