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Image of Insanity By Increments | Multimedia Edition | ePUB File Format

Insanity By Increments | Multimedia Edition | ePUB File Format

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Insanity By Increments is comprised of nine contemporary literary short stories inspired by old Gothic fiction from the likes of Poe and Shelley. Watch as a diverse set of characters at odds with their circumstances wander across a contemporary America full of bleak and deceptively prosperous scenery in search of an escape.

Two brothers test fate. A father mourns the loss of his child. An old abandoned home is the scene of a final journey into the past. A man revisits the scene of a one-night stand. Each story is unforgiving in its attempt at revealing the transcendental from the mundane.

Few books feature the psychological insight and gripping attention to detail that Insanity By Increments exhibits. The lyrical prose flows smoothly and the transitions between time stamps are cinematic. Few books dwelling on the darker side of the human condition present subtle tragedies with such startling clarity, haunting the reader well after the collection has been read.

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